Graduation For Rosa’s

Graduation at Rosa's
Graduation at Rosa’s

Care homes, also known as adult care homes offer personalized service to small groups of adults. These residential homes provide lodging, meal services and assistance with daily living activities. There is always staff and care providers at the home 24/7. Some, like Rosa’s can be lock down making it safer for memory loss resident and psychiatric residents.

Assisted living housing is a long-term care option that provides personal care support services such as meals, medication management, bathing, dressing and transportation and does not require 24/7 care and can be more independent.

At Rosa’s we work diligently to make sure our residents are placed where they belong. Sometimes, residents stay for a short term and get balanced on their medications and behaviors and can go back to their families, or a different living environment. We have had some of our clients be here for a temporary time and then move to Semi assisted living environments. We call that graduation and we are always proud when someone gets an opportunity to actually have behaviors and medication controlled enough that they can live in an environment that gives them more interdependence.

By using a holistic approach to mental health and well-being our residents tend to move towards more independence. Our Urban therapy is just an example of our residents being stable and able to be out and about in the community. Art therapy that involves cooking is yet another way to help our residents prepare for some culinary skills and they enjoy it.

A group therapy setting is yet another holistic approach to ensure our residents are communication and able to have what they need heard and addressed. We are proud that with the combination of wonderful service providers, and our skilled and trained staff, that we can offer an environment that people can graduate if they choose to.

It is always difficult to say good-bye and good luck to them, but we find ways to catch up and make sure they continue doing well. At Rosa’s we are always proud to know that our services can help provide our residents just what they need.

Edible Art for Ageing

20150810_133831Hi this is Anthony Diaz. You have heard me talk about our edible art program at Rosa’s. I am excited to report there are a series of new reports about the arts and aging people. The studies suggest that it helps aging people in positive ways because it helps both psychological and physiological healing.

According to these new studies out, people with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and other chronic degenerative diseases show that art can reduce the depression and anxiety that are often part of the process of chronic memory disorders. The studies also talk about how the use of imagination and creativity of older adults can help them focus and boost mood.

Rosa’s activity director Leslie Ford says that she can almost see resident’s minds working as they do their edible art projects. She states that watching their concentration and their focus is important to them. She also stated that it is fun to watch them eat the art afterwards so they make sure their palettes are happy as well.

Recently, for birthday month, personal small cakes were made for each resident. They then had to opportunity to decorate their personal cake any way they wanted. I must say our residents have not only some talent, but some of them have a real sense of humor.

Residents are able to use their decision making skills and they help design what project they would like to do. This helps them in many ways. It helps them with their decision making process, their sense of control, it helps them with their cognition skills and helps with their socialization skills. In addition, these art projects helps our residents with anxiety and depression as well as having fun, tackling boredom and building self-esteem.

We at Rosa’s are pleased to offer creativity as one of our holistic strategies to aid in memory loss and just to have tasty fun. Our residents on most days, get very excited when edible art days is upon us so they can have tasty fun.

Rosa’s Memorial Garden

memorial1Hi this is Anthony Diaz. Death is never something we look forward to however, it is something everyone prepares for in some way shape or form. At Rosa’s, we understand many of our residents will make their transition here. With that in mind, we have created a beautiful memorial garden.

Memorials are very important to those who are alive. They allow people to remember a deceased loved one in a special way and are associated with the death person and the memory can always remain with us in so many ways. At Rosa’s we know dealing with death can be difficult as some of our residents have a difficult time with expressing.

That is why we went out of our way to create a memorial garden that is beautiful. Within the garden are plaques and reminders of those who have come and gone at Rosa’s. There are many plants and decorations that residents even helped pick out and two benches where residents can sit and reflect.11811511_10207309491525565_1170630280495169239_n

This past week, Rosa’s did the dedication of the memorial garden and placed a plaque for her, and a plaque for each person that has transitioned at Rosa’s the past year. Residents each spoke if they wanted to about the people they got to know and love and said final farewells. Even residents who rarely talk spoke up about the residents who have transitioned and we discovered how important this memorial garden is.

I personally cannot say enough about the memorial garden and how it has helped our residents. We even have flags for our vets who have passed. The residents love it and go there often to find peace, quiet and a time of reflection. We are very proud here at Rosa’s to have such a wonderful memorial garden.

Music is a Miracle Medicine

20150716_144716_resizedHi this is Anthony Diaz. I know we keep talking about music however, our clients really do love it when the music director comes in with a handful of ukuleles and teaches them songs to either play or sing.

Music is a miracle medicine for people with memory problems. It is a prescription for positive mood and a cognitive workout of sorts. Studies have shown that after a 20 minute music session, the effects of it can last for several hours afterward. What exercise can do for the body music can do for the brain.

Music can also help the heart by reducing stress. Music is being recognized as alternative and complementary treatments for a variety of ailments including, memory loss, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, chronic pain, and other diseases.

Leslie Ford who helps them play music said, “Music triggers the area of the brain that releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of pleasure and these guys certainly feel pleasure when they discover they can play a chord or sing a song.”

Listening to music is important as well. It can help ease pain, and helps insomnia. People who listen to music in bed fall asleep much quicker and with less pain. Music is a great distracter from negative feelings and emotions, and even relieve symptoms. It stirs up our emotions and make us feel. It can certainly stimulate our imagination and take us away from pain and makes our body move.

Music at Rosa’s just makes our clients happy and alive and well. So for now, just keep on listening down the street who knows, you might hear the Rosa’s Chante Band playing.

Laughter is The Best Medicine

anthonyHi this is Anthony Diaz here at Rosa’s and I really want to share that laughter is such wonderful medicine. I know I talk about it a lot, and I, like so many others love to laugh. Right now for me, my grandson brings me so much joy and laughter watching him grow. Here at the home, we believe laughter is so vital. That is because we know laughter is important to the mind and soul.

Laughter is a healing tool really and at Rosa’s we are all about healing through laughter. Often you can find our residents or staff joking around. It is fun to watch them laugh and satisfying knowing that there are health benefits from laughing.

First of all a good giggle is a great antidote to stress and pain and quite frankly, nothing works faster and helps bring the mind and body into balance like a good chuckle. Other things laughter can do is boost the immune system, relax the body, help with anxiety and depression, creates energy, and helps build bonds between people.

“The old saying that ‘laughter is the best medicine”, holds true according to a professor of medicine at the University of Maryland who has discovered that through a research discovered those who laughed more had stronger hearts and had less heart attacks and needed fewer bypass surgeries.

One thing we tell our residents is to do fun things and be creative. This all makes them laugh some. We tell them to try to surround themselves with laughter. Finally we all know how important it is to just laugh and not take ourselves too seriously. So tell a joke, smile because at Rosa’s we have found laughter to be the best medicine.

Activity Helps Memory Disorders

Hiex, Anthony Diaz here talking to you about the challenges that come along with memory disorders, and or stroke victims that affect an elderly person’s ability to function on many levels. At Rosa’s we provide activities geared toward helping our residents maximize both their dexterity and memory challenges.

Part of prompting memory is the consistency. Rosa’s residents have an activity director that offers different activities at least three times a week. One day it is music therapy, the next chair exercises, and a third is fun with food crafts. All of these activities provide different challenges, and they are planned at the same times every week, again to aid in consistent scheduling.

Music therapy at Rosa’s includes ukuleles, percussion instruments and the tools like music books to make it possible for the residents to play songs of their choice. The exercise, aside from simply being fun, offers the opportunity to improve or maintain motor skills as well as accessing memory to be able to learn and remember the words to songs. Visual and audio support is used to help encourage the

The chair exercises are a combination of yoga and other stretching methods that ensure blood flow throughout the body. Again, it is helpful to have a structured reminder to move and stretch the body as the aging process as well as the other challenges can interfere with how one’s body moves. The exercises are a gentle reminder to move. The exercises vary in difficulty to accommodate different

Fun with food crafts is just that, fun. We do anything from watermelon slices shaped by southwestern cookie cutters, to pretzel and cheese log cabins. Then the residents get to eat their creations. What could be more fun? All the while encouraging the use of their imaginations and motor skills.

These are just a few of the different concepts that Rosa’s offers their residents to ensure a comfortable aging process despite some very difficult challenges. We are so proud of these activities and are always looking for more ways to provide enjoyment for our residents.

Update On Rosa’s Garden

mysterytomatoHi this is Anthony Diaz and if you have not seen lately, our garden is doing very well. I wanted to update our readers on our garden. Our residents have been watching the growth of their garden. What we have realized is that just because they are not home, they can still garden.

Most people enjoy gardening and just because they are in an adult care home gardening should not have to end. We realize that gardening helps with mobility and other issues arise in seniors. This wonderful pastime provides exercise, stimulation, accomplishment as well as other benefits that are healthy for the mind and body.

If you did not know, gardening increases sensory stimulation those who have some sort of memory loss or dementia reduce disorientation. Therapeutic gardens in residences for the elderly may reduce pain perception as well.

The most important thing here at Rosa’s the gardening is helping with is the delicious outcome we get and we have gotten our share of bell peppers, chili pepers and tomatoes to name a few. Our residents are often eager to show off their potted garden and we will continue to grow not only fulfilled lives at Rosa’s but wonderful gardens.