The Photo and my Wife

ImageToday I was thinking how I used to keep a photo of my wife on my desk. One day it had just disappeared. For weeks I kept looking for it. How could it have just vanished into thin air?

Then, one day I was cleaning a residents room. It was a resident who had tried to “escape” many times. I was very worried about his health when he tried this. With permission, I emptied out the luggage that he was always packing for his grand escape. I was surprised that in it I had found the missing photo of my wife.

It had seemed that this 93 year old was gentleman was in love with my wife. Now mind you, she is about 50 years his junior. After talking to him about the photo, I realize he had no idea who she was my wife. He would write love letters and give them to me to mail to her. Of course, he had no address, so I kept these letters gently tucked away for him. I had no idea he was writing them to my wife.

My wife would drop in to see me at work and that resident was always patiently waiting for her to come and say hi to him which would always turn out to be an hour visit with him dotting all over her. I always thought this was funny because he never knew he was flirting with the administrators wife. i would simply go along with it. Later on in our many conversations he told me why he was always packing his things up. He stated that he was going to go after his sweetheart aka my wife .

As he began to decline physically and mentally, his luggage got lighter and lighter, still, the photo was on top of his luggage. Three to four days before he passed on his luggage consisted of an large manila envelope. He had said that he didn’t need the material things where he was going. He said that the file folder and the suitcase was too heavy to carry with him.

When he passed, I looked in the file and the only thing he had was the photo of my wife and a thank you letter he had left me. I kept the thank you letter as a reminder of the lesson he taught me. The lesson was that sometimes it is simply best to just be quiet and not say nothing when dealing with dementia, laugh as much as you can, and just go with whatever your resident is saying.

The truth is your living in there world. This is Anthony Diaz from Rosa’s Chante Assisted Living saying home is where the heart is…

Setting the Table

dinner table picSetting a nice table tends to be overlooked and so is the importance. Here at Rosa’s whether it is Fourth of July, family picnic style, or a Hawaiian luau, our tables are set nicely because we understand that having a nice table setting affects the residents enjoyment of the meal. This can affect how well food is digested. Since we put so much energy into thoughtful menu planning and healthy cooking, we would never tarnish the meal by having an unorganized table setting.

At Rosa’s Adult Care, we like to add those little touches can really as we know it adds to the mood of the meal. This shows your family that you care about making mealtime special for them and it also helps keep people calm and relaxed at mealtime. So try to dress up your table and make people feel relaxed, digest better, and feel like they are special. We find to works very well here at our adult care home.

Welcome to Rosa’s Chante

anthonyHello, my name is Anthony Vaughn Diaz and for over 20 years, I have developed a wonderful home setting that provides quality care for individuals with adult diseases. Here at Rosa’s Chante Assisted Living, families can depend on us to support them safely and lovingly. My staff, contractors, and volunteers provide what most nursing homes cannot, a safe and peaceful environment that make people feel like home.

As we know, as people begin to age, they run into certain limitations in their functions and capabilities. When they are unable to perform their regular duties, oftentimes assistance from someone else becomes necessary. That is where Rosa’s Chante comes.

We go out of our way to make sure your loved one is cared for. Because we go so far out of our way, many people ask me to share how I do it. So I have developed this blog to offer helpful hints for caretakers, humor because here at Rosa’s we believe humor is the best medicine, and great advice for taking care of your elderly loved one.

So come in, the door is open and remember, where home is, the heart is.

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