Types of Dementia

dementiaDementia is a chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes caused by brain disease or injury and marked by memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning. Dementia usually gets worse over time and how long this takes is different for each person. It is a difficult disorder and one that is very difficult to work with. Alzheimer’s disease is one common form of dementia in the elderly, possibly accounting for up to 70% of dementia in the elderly. In fact, in the US there are at least 5 million individuals with age-related dementias.

Hi, this is Anthony Diaz from Rosa’s Chant’e Adult Care and today I want to help you understand that there are several types of dementia. This is from the Info by Emeritus website and we have used it to help you understand the different types of dementia.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s causes plaques and tangles in the brain that interrupt the transmission of information between neurons, blocking messages from getting through to their intended target. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease, meaning that symptoms – primarily memory loss – will almost always get worse.

Vascular Dementia

Vascular dementia is caused by an impaired blood flow to the brain because of blocked arteries or other damage to blood vessels. People often develop vascular dementia after a stroke. Factors that raise your risk of heart disease and stroke – high blood pressure, high cholesterol and smoking – also increase your risk of vascular dementia.

Lewey Body Dementia

With Lewey Body Dementia (LBD), abnormal microscopic protein deposits — called Lewy bodies — develop in regions of your brain involved in thinking and movement. Lewy bodies disrupt the brain’s normal functioning causing it to slowly deteriorate. The effects include a degradation of cognitive functioning, similar to Alzheimer’s disease, or a degradation of motor control, similar to Parkinson’s disease. Because its symptoms mirror other types of dementia, it is frequently misdiagnosed. Other symptoms of LBD include visual hallucinations and delusions.

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s, like other forms of dementia, is a degenerative disease of the brain. The difference is that symptoms usually begin with physical movements of the body, including trembling and stiffness. Not all people with Parkinson’s will develop cognitive impairment. If they do, this is called dementia resulting from Parkinson’s.

Frontal Lobe

Frontal lobe dementia is a relatively rare form of dementia, caused by a shrinking of the frontal and temporal lobes, areas of the brain that control personality, behavior and language. Like some other forms of rarer types of dementia, frontal lobe is often misdiagnosed. It is a form of dementia that tends to hit people at a younger age – typically anywhere from 40 to 70.

Psychiatric issues and dementia

There is increasing evidence that certain psychiatric issues – particularly depression and bipolar disorder can increase one’s chance of getting dementia. People who develop depression late in life have a greater tendency to get Alzheimer’s disease, while mid-life depression was mostly connected with vascular dementia. With both depression and bipolar disorder, the more episodes of someone being hospitalized with either disorder increased their chance of getting dementia.

Passion to Work With Dementia

passionHi this is Anthony Diaz from Rosa’s Chante Adult Care Home. Rosa’s specializes with residents with dementia. People ask me a great deal of questions. One of the many questions I get is how do I deal with the constant caring for others especially those with dementia.

I must admit it can be exhausting, which is why my staff as well as myself go out of our way to take good care of ourselves.  This question did reminds me of the fact that I had a calling for this work at a very early age.  I remember working for 2 hours in a nursing home early in the morning thru the summer I was just there to change the beds that was all what I saw I didn’t like nor the smells. I wanted to do more but I knew nothing about healthcare the sight that bothered me most was all the residents lined up in wheelchairs covers in blankets calling for help wanting someone to just talk to or comfort them. I recall that there was never enough staff for the amount of residents. I knew they were cold even though it was 90 plus outside. My heart broke for them.

What could I do for them I would think to myself.  I had 30 beds to strip down and remake. What I started doing was working faster just to get done so I could race over to visit or hold their hands. Listening to the, became my daily routine and I liked it so much, I got faster at whipping out beds.  and I knew at that very moment, I made a defense in their lives.

Dementia care is exhausting emotionally and physically and you have to choose your battles. One must keep in mind you will generally lose and having a sense of humor is very important. The bottom line with this work is you have to have the kind of passion I had as a young kid.

For today, this is Anthony Diaz from Rosa’s Chante Adult Care saying home is where the heart is.

Hilarious Adventures at Rosa’s

funny storiesHi this is Anthony Diaz from Rosa’s Chante Adult Care Home. They say humor is the best medicine. I cannot agree with that more and no one can say we do not have fun here. In fact, I could write a book about the hilarious adventures at Rosa’s I have encountered.

I recall one late afternoon when we were having dinner. On the menu was spaghetti and meatball’s. Our residents tend to really like this meal and we do enjoy serving it. I had to leave the room for a few minutes. I heard a commotion of sorts so I stepped back in the dining area. When I came around the corner, imagine my surprise to see a couple of my residents playing marbles with the meatballs rolling them back and forth at each other across table. Of course I had to laugh, and so did they. I had no idea perhaps that was why they liked this meal so much.

Now everyone know those who come to Rosa’s Chante is going to smell the wonderful aroma of a clean house. Yes it can smell like Pine sol, but believe me we have tried to have potpourri in this house. Here is the problem. One night we were all watching a movie and the residents seemed to be enjoying it.  I heard a crunching sound and so I turned the lights on to see what was going on. One of our residents had a blue mouth and they had mistaken it for popcorn. My resident grabbed the vase of blue potpourri and asked if I would like some popcorn. We now have a popcorn maker!

Finally, a story I enjoy telling is the story of a tour we were having. One day I was giving a very detailed tour of Rosa’s Chante for a possible placement. Normally when I give these tours, I show people all the bedrooms. As we were walking into one of the bedrooms, there hanging from a fan on low speed, was a wet diaper. Surprised, I asked the resident what they were doing. The resident looked at me as if I knew this and stated she was air drying the diaper and it was wet and stinks and this works better than the clothes line. Now mind you the resident is completely nude sitting in a chair waiting for the diaper to dry.

Daily, my day is filled with stories of humor and fun and I love the hilarious adventures at Rosa’s. I am grateful that my residents and I can laugh at the stories and call them memories. For today, this is Anthony Diaz from Rosa’s Chante Adult Care saying home is where the heart is.

Tips for Mattress and Upholstery

tipsHi this is Anthony Diaz. I have been asked over and over to offer some of my tips that help when dealing with elder care. I think I have enough tips to write volumes of books so, I will be more than glad to offer up a few tips with this blog.

How do we protect a mattress from Urine? That is a great question and one I get often. Some of the mattress covers you buy in the stores cost a lot of money and do not protect beds from urine from an adult as many of these pads are made for children.  To protect mattress from urine, use a heavy duty tarp that you can buy at a hardware store. It can be an 8X8 and can be tied with nylon rope. You simply use the holes that are in the tarp to tie it to the bed using a nylon rope. You can place a blanket over it so it is not “crunchy” or rough for the person sleeping on it. This saves mattresses and you the headache of cleaning a mattress.

Here is another great tip to protect furniture from urine. Use bathmats to  protect upholstery. Bathroom rugs are designed to absorb water and keep your bathroom dry. Who says these mats are just for the bathroom?  For sofas, you can buy longs ones, or several short ones. Do not worry how it will look! These bathroom rugs, with the rubber backing, come is almost any color to blend in and easy to wash. Even better, they are affordable and it sure beats paying the price of those expensive upholstery cleaners.

There are always tips and stories on my blog so visit it frequently for now; this is Anthony Diaz from Rosa’s Chante Assisted Adult Care saying home is where the heart is…