Tips for Mattress and Upholstery

tipsHi this is Anthony Diaz. I have been asked over and over to offer some of my tips that help when dealing with elder care. I think I have enough tips to write volumes of books so, I will be more than glad to offer up a few tips with this blog.

How do we protect a mattress from Urine? That is a great question and one I get often. Some of the mattress covers you buy in the stores cost a lot of money and do not protect beds from urine from an adult as many of these pads are made for children.  To protect mattress from urine, use a heavy duty tarp that you can buy at a hardware store. It can be an 8X8 and can be tied with nylon rope. You simply use the holes that are in the tarp to tie it to the bed using a nylon rope. You can place a blanket over it so it is not “crunchy” or rough for the person sleeping on it. This saves mattresses and you the headache of cleaning a mattress.

Here is another great tip to protect furniture from urine. Use bathmats to  protect upholstery. Bathroom rugs are designed to absorb water and keep your bathroom dry. Who says these mats are just for the bathroom?  For sofas, you can buy longs ones, or several short ones. Do not worry how it will look! These bathroom rugs, with the rubber backing, come is almost any color to blend in and easy to wash. Even better, they are affordable and it sure beats paying the price of those expensive upholstery cleaners.

There are always tips and stories on my blog so visit it frequently for now; this is Anthony Diaz from Rosa’s Chante Assisted Adult Care saying home is where the heart is…


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