Passion to Work With Dementia

passionHi this is Anthony Diaz from Rosa’s Chante Adult Care Home. Rosa’s specializes with residents with dementia. People ask me a great deal of questions. One of the many questions I get is how do I deal with the constant caring for others especially those with dementia.

I must admit it can be exhausting, which is why my staff as well as myself go out of our way to take good care of ourselves.  This question did reminds me of the fact that I had a calling for this work at a very early age.  I remember working for 2 hours in a nursing home early in the morning thru the summer I was just there to change the beds that was all what I saw I didn’t like nor the smells. I wanted to do more but I knew nothing about healthcare the sight that bothered me most was all the residents lined up in wheelchairs covers in blankets calling for help wanting someone to just talk to or comfort them. I recall that there was never enough staff for the amount of residents. I knew they were cold even though it was 90 plus outside. My heart broke for them.

What could I do for them I would think to myself.  I had 30 beds to strip down and remake. What I started doing was working faster just to get done so I could race over to visit or hold their hands. Listening to the, became my daily routine and I liked it so much, I got faster at whipping out beds.  and I knew at that very moment, I made a defense in their lives.

Dementia care is exhausting emotionally and physically and you have to choose your battles. One must keep in mind you will generally lose and having a sense of humor is very important. The bottom line with this work is you have to have the kind of passion I had as a young kid.

For today, this is Anthony Diaz from Rosa’s Chante Adult Care saying home is where the heart is.


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