A Letter from Dr. Tyler Woods

thank youDear Anthony,

I wanted to write and say thank you for all you have done over the years. About 18 months ago, my mother fell and broke her hip. I had no idea what to do with my father who suffers from dementia, COPD and anxiety. His anxiety was so severe that I was unsure if anyone would be willing to care for him, but you said there was nothing you could not handle.

When I called you, your voice was calming and you invited me to come in and talk with you. Your calmness and knowledge was very appreciated. You gave both my brother and I useful information that had nothing to do with my father, but with the situation and I appreciate the knowledge you shared that day.

My father ended up doing respite care in your home for a month. You were very kind to him and reassured him when he was having anxiety. You kept us updated and offered more and more tips. You answered questions and were always up front and honest.

Since then, I have become a contractor for your adult care home because I believe in what you do. As a mental health care provider, I see the work you do with your residents. Even with dementia, they are calm, relaxed, and are opened to talk and open up if they can.

I appreciate the tips, the jokes, and the seriousness you offer people.  You never take life and people  for granted. You help people, and their family members live in the moment and help them deal with their aging parents. So thank you Anthony, thank you for making this a smoother transition for so many people…Namaste and blessings….

Tyler Woods


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