More Funny Moments

funny storiesHi this is Anthony Diaz from Rosa’s Chante Adult Care Home. I enjoy it when my funny bone is tickled and here at Rosa’s there is plenty of tickling. Today I wanted to share some funny moments.

Now Funnies during showers are always a hoot. For instance, this one older woman was quite disgusted with her body appearance. This was due to the fact she had a lot of old age spots all over. One morning during the soaping up she said to me, “Anthony what can we do with these black liver spots that completely cover my body?” Well the only thing I could think of was we could get a felt tip pen and play connect the dots. Not only did we laugh all morning, we every time we looked at each other.

I will never forget how one morning I was assisting with one of my ladies during a shower. She says to me, “You know what Anthony I have never had a male nurse see me nude let alone tickle me.” I smiled and said, Lady you are sitting on the bar of soap.” Of course we both just laughed all morning.

We have an exercise program and the leader of the group asked everyone how was their weekend. One of our female residents said, “Well I am not sure if my upper half of my body or my lower half of my body is my weak end.”

Well, this was your sixty second giggle from Rosa’s Chante Adult Care Home have a good day and remember to laugh.


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