The Clinic

rosas clinicHi this is Anthony Diaz. Dementia is an interesting disorder. It makes some of my resident think they aren’t who or what they really are. I have a resident that believes he is a doctor. He really feels, in his state of mind as a dementia patient, that he is a surgeon. He can often be found carrying his surgery schedule and talking about “the clinic”.

It can be contagious here at Rosa’s, because shortly after this client started thinking he was a doctor, another resident started in as well. Soon, my residents are asking me, where is the clinic? What started off as a state of dementia, ended up producing a real live clinic here at Rosa’s tht is offering our residents and staff a wonderful place.

Our residents started asking where is the clinic over and over. So, we had a small building view come in, and at the side of the house, we built a clinic. We are really proud of the clinic because it serves as a place where our residents can go to for private conversations, or where our medical and mental health contractors can meet with our residents and have the privacy they need and require.

It works for me because it is a place where I can do notes, make private calls to doctors and contractors and take care of business in a more professional way. Not only am I proud of our clinic, our residents think it is the best thing since toast and butter. We all have a sense of pride with the clinic here at Rosa’s and even our contractors think it is “spectacular.”

Come by sometime and visit Rosas Chante Assisted Living Home and take a tour of our wonderful home and of course stop by the clinic.


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