Knight in Shinning Amour

Anthony1Dear Anthony, I want to share a story with you if I may.
I hear a lot of people’s stories. I hear them daily. However, recently I heard a story that was so touching, I had to share it. This comes from a woman in her 70’s. She is rather witty and makes me smile every time I see her. I tell her that, and she says she has a lot to be grateful for.
One day I asked her why she was so grateful. She smiles, “Oh I just am. I have a knight in shinning amour you know.” Then I could see she was so very sad. She looked at me and said, “My life was diffiuclt before I came here you know.” She pulls up her pant legs. “See anything on these legs?” I look at them and tell her no. She tells me they were infested with flea bites and bug bites and that her home was not a good home. Stray cats got into her trailer through a register and would sleep in her bed giving her the fleas. “I’m okay now, nothing bites me.” She smiles, “I’m safe.”

You can tell by looking at this woman that her life has been difficult. “My life has been rough lately.” She looks down at her feet, “People took advantage of me.” She shakes her head, “People would go into my house and steal my underwear.” She would say.”Nothing was safe. They would steal my food and I would go hungry.” She shook her head, ‘They tried tell me I was crazy, but I knew I wasn’t.” She once again looked at me and said, “I’m safe now.”

I finally asked, “Why are you safe and who is the knight in shining amour?” She begins to cry. “Oh he is so special. He saved my life, and he is the kindness person I have ever met.” She shows me her hair, “He had my hair cut and it gets washed all the time now. I get good food every day and I get a clean bath daily.” She cried even harder, “I just don’t know how to thank God enough for Anthony.”

She is referring to Anthony Diaz, owner and director of Rose’s Chante Adult Care Living. “He is never too busy to help us or talk to us.” She smiles, “He goes out of his way for you.” She looks serious for a moment, “I sure hate bothering him, but he says that is what he is here for.” She bows her head. “Everyday at least two or three times, I bow my head like this and say a silent prayer thanking God for him.”

She is right; Anthony is just one of those people who never thinks twice about the residents he works with. I have watched him over the past year working with his residents and he is one person that goes out of his way to make sure their needs are met. I even recall a day when I said, You all should do a BBQ here one day. Oh my goodness. He went out and purchased a gas grill, and enough food to BBQ that would have fed the entire block.

No needs are unmet at Rosa’s Chante and Anthony Diaz makes sure his residents are not just taken care of, but healthy and happy. The resident who shared her story says it all when she said, “He was put here by God to take care of us.” I smiled at her and said, “perhaps you should sing him the song I Say a Little Prayer for You,” She took a deep breath and began to sing it and I sang it right with her. I think that says so much about Anthony and Rosa’s Chante. I went home that day with a smile in my heart and a lump in my throat. Thank You Anthony for all you do!



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