Thank you Anthony

thank u333I wanted to share a letter I received from a referral today. It is this sort of kindness that keeps us going.

Dear Anthony,
I have sat for hours now and have spoken to many people and I just need to take the time to write you. I cannot thank you enough for coming out of your way to the hospice today. On a drop of a dime, you were here and ready to talk with the social worker, and my parents about having my father come spend his final days under your care and Rosa’s Chante.

I must admit I was a little uptight bringing you in knowing how my mother felt about adult care homes. Seeing you and you walked over quietly was very calming. In fact, I cannot believe how calming you were and to see you explain everything so thoroughly to my upset family was nothing short of amazing. You covered all grounds, you explained hospice services, you covered what Rosa’s does and all of the program that was offered and you did so quickly and effectively.

I could not help but watch the social worker write down what you were saying then promptly asking you about Rosa’s Chante. Your knowledge and guidance in this field is a huge help. Your calming attitude and years of experience made me feel at ease and felt a trust in what you said.

I know that in times like this, families can feel pressured and they can be on their guard and downright angry and defensive. I watched your reassuring tone you used and found myself very impressed. I am also amazed you were not tossed out in the first minute or two, and believe me, that says something very big that you were able to say everything you needed to say.

Words will not do you justice. You are wonderful and your home is equal so. You should be recognized as the kind compassionate person you are. So I thank you with all my heart for your efforts to offer my family alternative solutions.

Thank you very much….


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