Understanding the Needs of the Elderly

needsHello this is Anthoney Diaz from Rosa’s Chante Adult Care. There is so much to understand about the elderly and here is something we hope you find useful. It is from our up and coming elderly care handbook we are working on that can help you., help your elderly loved one.

As we know, as people begin to age, they hit certain limitations in their functions and capabilities. When they are unable to perform their regular duties, oftentimes assistance from someone else becomes necessary. If the need to require another person’s physical assistance can be difficult for the elderly person, the same level of difficulty is expected with the person charged of taking care an elderly.

The best way to provide genuine care and assistance for an elder is to understand their needs. There might be unreasonable demands at some point, but it serves merely as an extension of their desire to realize goals that they still want to accomplish themselves. If you have been used to being independent, then you probably understand the feeling of not having control over what you can do and having to constantly depend on someone to realize certain tasks. It is therefore important that the caregiver for elders understand that to cater their services in such a way that it boosts an elder’s confidence about their ability and to be more trusting of their caregiver.

What is Involved?
Aside from the physical and emotional difficulty involved in elderly care, it is a multi-faceted venture that involves both the medical and non-medical aspect entailed with caring for an aging parent or relative. To ensure that only quality care and service are provided for the elderly person, then the following items must be looked into and addressed:

• Providing an efficient and convenient living space and condition for the elderly person, having taken into consideration their special needs.
• Finding reliable help and support.
• Dealing with the financial responsibilities of caring for an elder person,
• Hiring nursing or caregiving care for additional caring assistance or when no one in the family is able to provide that service.
• Dealing with health issues that most aging people had to suffer.
• Keeping the elders active and live their remaining years to its fullest potential.

Challenges of Elderly Care
Having considered all the factors involved in elderly care, you are probably aware right now of its multi-facet nature that renders it a difficult task. Indeed, there is an enormous amount of responsibility involved that it is easy to neglect one while taking care of the other. On top of the upfront caring needs for an elderly individual is the arising issues of aging and declining health for these elders. If it is difficult to deal with for the person in care, more so with the elder themselves who are forced to deal with them.

If you are finding this challenge difficult and seemingly insurmountable, then keep in mind the following tips:
• Find a senior care support organization that will help provide professional advice and support for your elderly care.
• Make sure you get enough time off. Caring for an elder is a difficult responsibility that can drain much of your energy. Therefore, you should allow yourself to have a few breaks from these increasing demands.
• Seek a good adult care home that can provide these wonderufl services for you and your loved one.

Functional Limitations in Elderly
As soon as cases such as dementia begins to be exhibited by an aging individual, the functional limitations that are present in elderly persons require much attention to be geared towards taking care of them. This means that you need to keep a close eye on all of their daily activities, from the most basic to complex ones. This is to ensure that not only are their needs met, but also for their safety.

Hence, some people who are caring for elderly at home install safety adaptations in their home for the limited functions of these individuals. Certain adult care homes like Rosa’s specializes in this and we make people feel safe, while having a sense of freedom.

Dietary Requirements
As people age, so does their digestive system and it gradually starts weakening. Aged and elderly people face this problem wherein they start finding certain foods indigestible or difficult to digest. It may be foods they once liked. What the caretaker needs to realize is that their diet can no longer be the same as it was say 5 or 10 years ago. Their diet should now be modified accordingly such that it remains a nutritious, balanced diet and yet, contains foodstuffs that their system is able to accept, without causing them any discomfort or problems. Often, the diets of elderly people need to be altered depending on their medicinal prescriptions.

I hope this offers you useful information that can help you at home, or decide which adult care home you wish to look at that will provide the right care for your loved one.



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  1. Thank Anthony for taking the time to write down useful staff for us the caretakers of that amazing fox. The elderly living in our care

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