Getting to Know Adult Care Homes

house frontAdult care homes provide room and board and care. In some ways, it can be like assisted living facilities, however, it is smaller and a more personal setting. Assisted living does focus on active social opportunities, adult care homes specialize in more hands-on care and personal attention. The level of care and focus varies and many care homes specialize by design and staffing to attend people with memory care issues such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Depending on residents’ needs, adult care homes provide family-style meals, supervision, assistance with medications and Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and social activities. Most care homes offer private/semi private rooms and 24-hour personalized care. Some homes, like Rosa’s Chante, specialize in dementia and mental health issues while trying to work with their residents and do public outreach to those who need educating.

It is a tough decision to decide whether to place your loved one in an adult care home. Make sure you do the research. Here at Rosa’s we are about to offer a 50 page booklet and aging, caregiving, and what to look for. Whether you select our home, or any other home, we want you to feel educated. That is part of our promise as a small community business, to offer you insight and help you make decisions that are conducive to you and your family’s needs.

When evaluating an adult care home for your loved one, make sure you research the provider’s credentials and background. Also try to observe if they are kind and compassionate individuals, when people are aging, that goes a very long way. Be sure they provide a true family environment in a residential neighborhood. One last tip for you, be sure you are invited to take a tour and see firsthand how the home is.

We here at Rosa’s want to be sure you are making the correct decision for your family, not because we want your business, more so we want to make sure our aging community is healthy and happy.


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