Keeping it Local

go localHi this is Anthony Diaz with Rosa’s Chante Adult Care Living. I want to take a moment to talk about how important local business is. As you know, Rosa’s Chante is a local business. My parents went out of their way to create this, and I have spent the past 20 plus years making sure Rosa’s feeds our local economy.

What do I mean by that? It means when I get paid for a resident every last penny goers right back into our local community. Some adult care facilities are chains and are owned by corporations. So when a loved one pays for their parents to stay at those homes, the money goes to the general office. Of course all office workers and administration is paid. The money is then sent back and what is left, goes for the care for your family member, and the staff that takes care of them.

At Rosa’s, going local means being local. When you pay Rosa’s for your loved one’s services every penny goes into your loved ones care and local services.  That means food, medical care, services, all contractors and all advertizing is all local. Your dollar is going locally and directly to you loved ones care.

Locally owned businesses such as Rosa’s build strong communities by linking neighbors in a web of economic and social relationships, and contributing to local causes. Locally owned businesses create more jobs locally and, in most sectors, provide better wages and benefits than chains do. It keeps your dollar in the local economy.

Chain nursing homes and adult care homes threaten to change the unique character of local community. It becomes a template and nothing is personalized. At Rosa’s we know that each person is unique and needs a unique plan for them. By being local, we are able to foster that with each one of our residents.

Finally, going local means paying it forward. We keep everything local and feed our local economy. Each time we get a new resident, our community benefits as well because we keep all services local. I hope this explains a little bit about being local and staying local and how important it is not just for our reseidents but for our wonderful community.

Holiday Tips

happy-holidaysHi this is Anthony Diaz at Rosa’s Chante. The holidays are here and we at Rosa’s send you all Happy holiday greetings. We have decorated our house with a variety of festive Christmas trees, lighted up peacocks, and at Rosa’s, it is a wonderland. Our residents love it.

Here is a great holiday tip speaking of decorating. With all of our lights and trees, we make sure there is nothing our residents can trip on. It is important to be sure to make sure if you decorate, that with seniors, their balance could be off, and so running chords for lights or extra decorations on the floor can cause problems. Make sure there is nothing for them to trip on.

Did you know that Holidays provoke memories, which can be especially powerful in the later years of life? Research has shown that seniors whose memories are impaired may have difficulty remembering recent events, but they are often able to share stories and observations from the past. Holidays mean a great deal to them. That is why it is important for us to create a cheery home for them during the holidays.

We know holidays are about candies, cookies and yummy delights. Here at Rosa’s we indulge in the holiday fun foods, however, we keep it light as we know what certain amounts of sugar can do to our residents mood. We also have them participate in chair yoga and work on staying fit through these holidays. If you are caring for a senior at home, be sure to make this a healthy season and make sure they do not over indulge. It creates more stress and anxiety in the long run.

Another great tip during the holidays for seniors is to keep their schedules. Yes, people may be coming and going, and events may be happening however, staying up late having to eat later in the evening because of a difference in meal times can be difficult and stressful for a senior to acclimate to, so make sure you know beforehand what their schedule is like and maintain a normal schedule for them.

Finally, if you are a caregiver, take care of yourself this holiday. Be sure to get a massage, exercise, do not over do, and set goals to make sure you are taking care of yourself Caregiver burnout happens quickly and you do not want that to interfere with your holidays.

I hope these simple tips help you and your holidays and have a happy holiday.

Role Reversal and Aging Parents

roleI see this all the time, there comes a day that you think will never happen and that is when your roles in life start reversing. Your parents who once took care of you are depending on you to take care of them. This is role reversal. You find yourself asking what will be best for them without your life changing too much.

You also ask yourself, how do you keep up the pace and try to please everyone around you? Deep inside what you really want is to balance everything to keep everyone around you happy and life as normal as possible, but you know that is not going to happen. Those once a week visits or daily phone calls are no longer enough anymore and your parents may need more care.

The care that is being talked about is making sure your parents eat, that they take their medications, that their money is not being floundered away. You may have family or friends that say, get them in assisted living or a nursing home, but deep inside you do not want to them in one. So how do you cope? How do you deal with this situation without alienating everyone?

First, it is important that you understand it’s not about you. It is not about guilt and what some think is the “right thing to do”. It’s not about hanging on to the people that they used to be. They are an elderly person in need of constant care and attention. Dealing with your aging parents will make you grow up faster than you ever thought whether you’re ready or not!

The next thing you can do is make an appointment with their doctor. Have an appointment to discuss the health and what you have noticed. Their health may need more than that and the visiting nurse or doctor’s office is the place to apply the concern. The best word to learn to help an elder parent is the same as if your infant child were being cared for and that is SAFETY. If safety is not at the level necessary, keep pushing until you get the help you need. Keep on insisting the area of SAFETY. When they are older, the best thing you can give them is safety first.

I know firsthand because we work on safety so much here at Rosa’s Chante and offer a safe environment, just as your parents worked on safety for you as a child.