Holiday Tips

happy-holidaysHi this is Anthony Diaz at Rosa’s Chante. The holidays are here and we at Rosa’s send you all Happy holiday greetings. We have decorated our house with a variety of festive Christmas trees, lighted up peacocks, and at Rosa’s, it is a wonderland. Our residents love it.

Here is a great holiday tip speaking of decorating. With all of our lights and trees, we make sure there is nothing our residents can trip on. It is important to be sure to make sure if you decorate, that with seniors, their balance could be off, and so running chords for lights or extra decorations on the floor can cause problems. Make sure there is nothing for them to trip on.

Did you know that Holidays provoke memories, which can be especially powerful in the later years of life? Research has shown that seniors whose memories are impaired may have difficulty remembering recent events, but they are often able to share stories and observations from the past. Holidays mean a great deal to them. That is why it is important for us to create a cheery home for them during the holidays.

We know holidays are about candies, cookies and yummy delights. Here at Rosa’s we indulge in the holiday fun foods, however, we keep it light as we know what certain amounts of sugar can do to our residents mood. We also have them participate in chair yoga and work on staying fit through these holidays. If you are caring for a senior at home, be sure to make this a healthy season and make sure they do not over indulge. It creates more stress and anxiety in the long run.

Another great tip during the holidays for seniors is to keep their schedules. Yes, people may be coming and going, and events may be happening however, staying up late having to eat later in the evening because of a difference in meal times can be difficult and stressful for a senior to acclimate to, so make sure you know beforehand what their schedule is like and maintain a normal schedule for them.

Finally, if you are a caregiver, take care of yourself this holiday. Be sure to get a massage, exercise, do not over do, and set goals to make sure you are taking care of yourself Caregiver burnout happens quickly and you do not want that to interfere with your holidays.

I hope these simple tips help you and your holidays and have a happy holiday.


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