Avoiding and Dealing With Falls With Elderly

Hi there this is Anthony Diaz with Rosa’s Chante. Part of my job is to educate the public and I love that part because senior care is something we all need to talk about and educate ourselves about. Today I want to talk about how to avoid our seniors from falling.

If you are caregiving for the elderly one of the pitfalls and hazards is the constant danger of falls. As prevention is better than cure when it comes to elderly falls and resultant hospital trips, it may be wise to head off falls before they occur. Maintaining the safety and security of an elderly individual can be very difficult because you do not have eyes in the back of your head. It can take a while to become used to their movements, habits and routines.

The first thing that you should do to prevent trips and falls actually has nothing to do with the elderly individual in general terms. Instead, you should focus on their immediate environment. You should remove all possible tripping hazards in their home. Everything from rugs and loose carpeting to small objects that are used to decorate a room should be removed. They can all be hazardous in the right situation, or wrong situation as the case may be! You should also look into effective methods of controlling falls.

Make sure the senior is wearing properly-fitting shoes with nonskid soles. Avoid high heels and be sure shoes are always tied and fit correctly. Never have the senior walk in their socks. That is an easy slipp waiting to happen.

Another great way to avoid falls is to keep the elderly in shape. At Rosa’s, we have chair yoga which helps our residents feel and stay in shape. Not only does this help people from falling, it helps them with their health as well. If there is a fall, do not panic. Assess the situation and determine if the person is okay or if help is needed.

Falls represent very real hazards in the home and you must always be prepared to deal with them. You will inevitably have to deal with them at some stage, no matter how well prepared you are, but removing the means will reduce the amount of falls and hopefully lower the severity of the injuries.


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