Compassion Fatigue Part 2

Hi this is Anthony Diaz and this topic is so big I had to put it in two parts. Please enjoy part two.

Compassion Fatigue seems to rob the caretaker of their sense of well-being, comfort, purpose, identity and empowerment; all the qualities that one associates with being “comfortable with self”.  The experiences of being comfortable in our bodies, our work, our thoughts and our spirit seem to diminish as the symptoms of Compassion Fatigue increase.

There are ways to avoid compassion fatigue.

  • Learn to like, love and respect yourself: recognize your needs and forgive your errors. This is the very first place you should begin!
  • Embrace your spirituality. Take time out from the stress of this work to connect with your spirit every day. This can include ritual, readings and other exercises for the soul.
  • Treat yourself to laughter! The heaviness of your work deserves to be balanced with humor and lightness. Watch those funny movies, laugh at your companion, enjoy jokes with your colleagues. Enjoy your sense of humor…
  • Learn to accept what you cannot change.
  • Work off tensions: try a physical activity like walking, a sport (mine is racket ball and swimming) yoga, martial arts or dancing. As Nike puts it: “Just Do It!”
  • Treat yourself to sufficient sleep: know how many hours you need. Sufficient sleep will help to give you a refreshed and energetic outlook on life.
  • Listen to music from meaningful artists that help reduce your stress
  • Talk with others, share your feelings with friends. Avoid gossip and negative talk.
  • Get a massage, sit in a sauna, some form of body relaxation
  • Take slow deep breaths, count to 10, concentrate on your breathing, the movement of your chest wall, let go of stress.
  • Find a safe, quite place to think, to remember, to process, to meditate to be alone with your thoughts and allow the healing to take place in the silence.

Remember compassion fatigue, burn out and job related stress can be avoided. Taking care of yourself, recognizing the symptoms and have the courage to change some of the things in your life will make you a better employee and a happier person.


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