Pet Therapy at Rosa’s

rosas petsStudies show that having a pet is good for seniors as it makes seniors feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. This is the reason why pet therapy is becoming more and more popular today. Studies show that pets improve a patient’s social, emotional, or cognitive functioning.

These studies also show the health of seniors who suffer from depression, decline rapidly compared to seniors who are active, always around other people or with pets at home. Pet therapy for the elderly has also proven to be a powerful tool for what’s known as “Sundowner’s Syndrome” evening periods of increased agitation and confusion in those with Alzheimer’s. It helps patients have improved appetite, more social interaction and better cognitive stimulation after interactions with pets.

With that kind of information, one would hope that all assisted living homes have some sort of animal therapy. Rosa’s Chante not only has animal therapy, we use different kinds of animals. We have Critter and Rocky who are two wonderful tortoises and Dimples the house rabbit. We also have a visiting service dog named Yodi. It is fun to watch our residents interact with them all. You can see that their moods begin to improve when they are interacting with these animals.

Here at Rosa’s we understand that the studies suggest that there is an increase in confidence and a decrease of depression and anxiety. That is because caring for a pet helps increase patient’s self-esteem as they enjoy the animal interaction. They are able to once again feel useful as they are given some responsibility to care for an animal.

Drop by sometime and say howdy to one of our wonderful animals.




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