Tasty Way to Empower Residents

takeoutHi this is Anthony Diaz from Rosa’s Chante. Yes I admit it that we have wonderful food and great cooks here at Rosa’s, and any given time when you knock on our door you will smell something wonderful cooking. Well, except for the days that we do take out.

Here at Rosa’s, at least once a week, we empower clients to talk to one another and make a choice of what takeout food they would like us to bring in. This has the residents talking to one another. Trying to make decisions together. They talk about what type of food they want, which day of the week Monday through Friday and what meal either lunch or dinner.

It has been fun watching them talk with one another about do we do fried chicken, Pizza or Chinese. What we have discovered is that they really care for one another and want to be sure whatever they order, everyone will enjoy it.

At Rosa’s, we understand little things like takeout, or a nice pizza on a Friday afternoon means a lot to our residents. We also understand the comradery it gives to them. More important, it helps with their cognition and the ability to make decisions.

Though for some, having residents order take out does not feel like a big deal, at Rosa’s we see it as a huge deal because it is a tasty way to empower our clients.


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