Healthy eating for Seniors

appleHi this is Anthony Diaz. I must admit, on most days when you walk into Rosa’s Chante, you can smell the home cooking. That is because we know that fresh food shares a fundamental link with health and wellness. We look at situations like poor physical health, depression and loneliness that play a key role in poor eating habits. Many older adults who experience these conditions neglect their nutritional needs, and this can lead to more serious medical problems.

At Rosa’s we Manage a client’s nutritional needs by good menu planning, weekly grocery shopping, and diligent meal preparation.  Good nutrition is the first line of defense for older adults who are striving to maintain their independence as they age, helping to protect them from illness and disease. Guidelines for seniors include adding things like beans pinto beans, black beans, garbanzo beans, split peas, lima beans and black eyed peas.  Beans are counted as both vegetables and protein due to their abundance of nutrients. We have our residents eat whole grains such as popcorn,  rice, and whole grain cereals, breads and crackers. We offer fresh fruits and vegetables and offer any sort of diet restrictions to meet our residents needs.

Eating well helps our residents keep up their energy level, too. Consuming enough calories is a sure way to measure the energy they get from food offers their body the fuel it needs throughout the day. It is very important to feed our seniors  balanced meals that help promote energy and good health and at Rosa’s we take pride in make food nutritional and fun.


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