Laughter is Good Medicine

laughterEvery so often, I love to share stories of the residents and some of the wonderful ways they put a smile on our face. Sometimes, I do not think it is their intention to make us smile. For instance, when they play soccer on the table with their meatballs, of course they know they are going to bring a smile to our faces. It also means my staff has to clean the tables extra good, but that’s okay, everyone enjoys a good laugh and laughter is good medicine.

I think what I really love is the “accidental” laughs that occasionally happens here, for instance, a resident that does to like what we are serving for dinner. One late afternoon, a client did not like what we were having for dinner. They were offered several other choices, but they just paced and waited by the front door. Imagine my surprise when the doorbell rang and there was a pizza delivery man with over 70.00 worth the pizza. What could we do but pay him since they made the order and serve up pizza that night. Though not funny at the time, I love to look back with laughter in my heart on this one.

Speaking of laughter in my heart, what about a resident, who has a difficult time walking and even dressing because of the stroke, however, their mind is as clear as a bell? I was at home one weekend and enjoying time with my family when all of a sudden, my staff phoned me saying there was a car dealership outside with three new cars to be test driven by a client who decided they were going to buy a car. Even though they could not drive, they decided to call the dealership and have them bring by several cars.

I am unsure what the neighbors thought as these cars were lining up and a well-dressed sales representative and his staff all pull up ready to make a sale. Imagine the surprise on the dealerships face when they realized they were trying to sell a car to a home the specializes in dementia and Alzheimer’s. Don’t get me wrong. We take this very serious, however, sometimes in life, you simple have to giggle when things settle and you look at the full picture.

It is important to look at some of the things our seniors do with a light heart and simply smile rather than allowing it to create stress in your life. Look for the silver lining with mishaps like this and warm your heart rather than creating stress. After all, they say laughter is good medicine.


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