The Benefits of Arts and Crafts for Seniors

creativeHi, Anthony Diaz here to talk about the benefits of arts and crafts for seniors. Recently I’ve started a program at Rosa’s Chante that focuses on creative food art. Offering art and crafts programs can provide positive opportunities of participation to seniors of all capabilities.

Group activities in general encourage socialization, communication, intellectual stimulation and by adding the creative element helps with self-expression that can lead to a sense of well-being. There is also the therapeutic advantages of the activities encouraging hand eye coordination and movement.

At Rosa’s Chante, the activity director focuses primarily on crafts with food. The director includes anyone interested in planning what would be fun to make and do each week thus creating an atmosphere of group participation. The food arts and crafts ensures that there is a treat for everyone of any capability while providing an opportunity for socialization.

For example, in the last couple of months Rosa’s residents have built Rice Krispie snack houses. The Rice Krispie snacks were a resident’s idea and the building houses was the creative aspect. Another day they made matzo cracker and cheese fishing ponds. Last week, upon the residents request they had a tropical cocktail hour, without the alcohol, that was a hit with most of the residents. I brought in pina colada, strawberry, lemon-lime flavored slushes that the activities director put in martini glasses and served with crackers and cheese. The residents laughed and made jokes, generally enjoying a freeing social moment. Another week we had melon kabobs, even residents with very little cognition and function were able to enjoy the melon.

The benefits of arts and crafts for seniors are wide-ranging in effect, stimulating the senses, providing opportunities for socialization, creative self-expression and simple fun. Seniors need relief from the day-to-day reminders of pain and aging and arts and crafts, or food crafts provides a satisfying avenue toward such relief.



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