What Stimulates Seniors

Anthony1Hi this is Anthony Diaz from Rosas Chante. Last week we talked about our arts and crafts. This week I want to share more about what stimulates seniors.

As a caregiver, you know how difficult it can be to summon up the energy to do what is in the best interests of the senior that you are looking after. It can be exhausting however, if you can keep elderly people occupied, then you have made their life as well as your life a little easier.

Mental stimulation in seniors works wonders for their mental health. Having them feel like they are doing something will provide you with a welcome break from your usual caring routine. Setting aside a specific period every few days will also ensure that you are doing something fun with them. For the senior, it often proves to be the highlight of their week because they finally recognize something and respond to it. It breaks the monotony for them and can actively be used to calm them. They also see a light every now and then in the dark tunnel of the mind, and they can often remember it and look forward to it.

It is important to mentally stimulate elderly people in your care to keep their minds as sharp and active as possible. Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and dementia, amongst other ailments, must exercise their minds as often as possible and finding the right ways to achieve this could take forever, unless you have a little bit of help and advice. Medical research has found that some forms of stimulation are better than others because of the way in which the mind responds to certain stimuli.

Outdoor activities that involve animals are also perfect activities for seniors. Having BBQ’s and gatherings are fun for the elderly. They begin to feel part of. Music stimulates them and having a music activity now has proven with studies to make seniors healthier and happier. Exercise programs, music therapy, arts and crafts as well as board games, Wii, really help seniors begin to think that they have life left to them. Remember, pay attention to what stimulates the person you are caring for.



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