The Importance of Humor for Seniors

1Hi Anthony Diaz here at Rosa’s Chante Adult Care Home to talk about the importance of humor for seniors. Looking at the difficulties that seniors continuously have to face, such as memory loss, declining health, loss of loved ones and spouses, sometime it seems hard to stop and look at what may be funny about any of this. It is important to introduce or help find a way to having humor and laughing in a senior’s life.

Accessing humor, leading to laughter can release endorphins that in turn helps us feel happy and content and lead to lessening our pain and stress, as well as lowering our blood pressure and providing a sense of mental well-being. In seniors, this can mean the difference between suffering as they continue to age and making the most of their lives as they are.

Here at Rosa’s, we try to encourage opportunities for finding humor like during our creative activity time the talk around the table will often be about funny stories the residents tell about from memories or joking around about how this or that doesn’t work right any more. We also show funny movies, these can even reach people that may be less verbal, but yet still able to smile and laugh.

Finding ways to stimulate humor, as sometimes the illness, hopelessness, or memory loss may stunt someone’s ability to find what is funny in life any longer, can be a challenge, but back to sometimes the silliest things like playing a game or doing funny skits and telling jokes can get the ball rolling, so to speak. It is important to keep in mind that the caregiver’s humor may be of a different time than an elderly residents, so remember that humor is to be humorous to the larger group.

There are studies that show the beneficial effects of laughing are far-reaching and long term. Think about how laughter affects you. The importance of humor for senior can make the difference between just existing and living out their lives.



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