Urban and Livestock Therapy

livestock therapyHi this is Anthony Diaz with Rosa’s Chante. Part of offering good care for residents, we also offer a different kind of care. Part of our holistic approach to aging consists of different types of therapy. We have chair yoga that involves stretching and breathing, we offer eatable arts and craft circle, which our residents love, we have an open circle discussion weekly, movie day, and we are now adding two more therapies we are quite happy with, Urban and livestock therapy.

Urban therapy consists of our mental health care providers taking residents to local events, and adventures in the city. This could include ridding the trolley, to going out to their favorite places to eat, to visiting local museums and libraries.

Our newest therapy which our clients love is what we call livestock therapy. This consists of Dr. Tyler Woods taking certain clients to Ranch Haven to be with horses, goats and chickens. Our clients love and enjoy sharing their stories with other residents.

The purpose of Urban and livestock therapy is to help our residents become more grounded emotionally and more connected with the environment. This unique therapy designed by Anthony Diaz and Dr. Tyler Woods is an invaluable tool for addressing depression, anxiety, as well as many other obstacles in people’s experience of wholeness and aging.

So far, those residents who can participate not only enjoy it, they look forward to it. This helps build their self-esteem and which is crucial with seniors. Ageing does not mean giving up hope, it means working with people with new ideas to make assisted living fun for the mind, the body and the spirit.

Rosa’s is proud to offer new and exciting ways to make holistic living and aging in adult care homes healthy and fun. Our goal is to make sure our residents are getting the stimulation they not only need, but the activities they desire.

What Seniors Need

1Hi, this is Anthony Diaz and today I want to talk about basic needs that seniors really need. Our senior population is expanding partially due to modern medicine that helps people live longer. There are things that will help the aging person age with more emotional security.

The first thing that seniors need is to still feel needed. That is why relationships with family, friends, volunteers or caregivers can keep seniors active and help ward off depression. Seniors need to be empowered and part of that would be to be heard.

Being heard is vital to our aging population. Make sure you take time to listen to what an elderly person is saying and give them the time of day. Spend quality time with them. They need to know that their life is valued. They do not want to just be shut away. They have stories that need to be heard and their minds need to e active.

Speaking of staying active, exercise and physical activity are as close as we can come to preventing disease and disability. It’s best to start early to make physical activity a habit, but you’re never too old or frail to exercise. Even if you are in an adult care home, get your seniors walking outside at least 4 or 5 days a week to keep their blood flowing, give them something to do and to manage overall health.

They also need what I refer to as paper work basics. Seniors need to know their paper work in in order. Things such as their wills, health directives, their power of attorney, health insurances, know and understand their benefits, know and understand where the titles for their vehicles, boats, toys, deed to home and other properties. Just because someone is old does not mean they do not care about these things, so be sure to make such knowledge available to them.

Elderly people need familiar surroundings and people around them that can offer them support and understanding. The elderly do not like change so it is best that you make any sort of change, slow yet progressive. Change happens, and for some seniors it can be difficult, so familiar surroundings means a great deal for them.

Our elderly people have a lot of needs and some are so basic we forget them. What seniors need should always be in the forefront of our minds so we can provide them with the best quality of life.

Holistic Approach to Aging

3c0a3bee-ffb0-4932-8d0e-d449189a150eHi this is Anthony Diaz. Did you know that The World Health Organization estimates 65 – 80 percent of the population use holistic naturopathic medicine as a primary form of health care? In fact, almost one-third of American medical schools-among them Harvard, Yale, John’s Hopkins, and Georgetown Universities-now offer coursework in holistic modalities. It is important to bring these holistic healing methods into the lives and aging adults.

We hear the buzzword “holistic” a lot these days and now we are hearing it with senior care. What does holistic care look like in senior care? It means we try to consider every aspect of a person’s life. We look at the physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, social, and other dynamics in a person’s life to understand what’s going on. At Rosa’s our goal is to attempt to bring all of these aspects into balance so the aging person can age in a holistic manner.

Currently Rosa’s has a holistic mental health care provider, Dr. Tyler Woods who focuses on mental well being of our residents. Part of our goal is to be sure our residents make an effort to stay active and engaged. Dr. Woods makes sure chair yoga and relaxation is in the home on a weekly basis to ensure this concept.

Included in our holistic services is the ability we have to listen fully to our residents mental health issues and concerns and address them with a holistic approach. Kind conversation helps people feel love, wanted and cared for. In addition, suggestions for supplements are often given and Rosa’s takes a real integrative approach to aging.

Offering them food choices and even activities that are based on feeding the body is encouraged at Rosa’s because we e know sick and aging people get good nutrition as we understand the concept of food and mood.

We have several places outside to sit and relax and enjoy some good old fashioned vitamin D. The sunshine and outdoors offers resident an opportunity to feel good mentally and physically. This in turn helps them with things such as sleep, anxiety and depression.

Aging gracefully involves using a holistic approach and an understanding of the needs of our seniors. A supportive care environment is instrumental towards our desired outcome of offering good care to our aging population.