Urban and Livestock Therapy

livestock therapyHi this is Anthony Diaz with Rosa’s Chante. Part of offering good care for residents, we also offer a different kind of care. Part of our holistic approach to aging consists of different types of therapy. We have chair yoga that involves stretching and breathing, we offer eatable arts and craft circle, which our residents love, we have an open circle discussion weekly, movie day, and we are now adding two more therapies we are quite happy with, Urban and livestock therapy.

Urban therapy consists of our mental health care providers taking residents to local events, and adventures in the city. This could include ridding the trolley, to going out to their favorite places to eat, to visiting local museums and libraries.

Our newest therapy which our clients love is what we call livestock therapy. This consists of Dr. Tyler Woods taking certain clients to Ranch Haven to be with horses, goats and chickens. Our clients love and enjoy sharing their stories with other residents.

The purpose of Urban and livestock therapy is to help our residents become more grounded emotionally and more connected with the environment. This unique therapy designed by Anthony Diaz and Dr. Tyler Woods is an invaluable tool for addressing depression, anxiety, as well as many other obstacles in people’s experience of wholeness and aging.

So far, those residents who can participate not only enjoy it, they look forward to it. This helps build their self-esteem and which is crucial with seniors. Ageing does not mean giving up hope, it means working with people with new ideas to make assisted living fun for the mind, the body and the spirit.

Rosa’s is proud to offer new and exciting ways to make holistic living and aging in adult care homes healthy and fun. Our goal is to make sure our residents are getting the stimulation they not only need, but the activities they desire.


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