Eating and Aging

healthy-foodHi, this is Dr. Tyler Woods. I offer holistic mental health at Rosa’s Chante Adult Care. Part of a holistic approach to aging is how we eat. Bottom line is that good nutrition  helps people as they age. Fresh foods that are bright and colorful and healthy meals that aids in the mind, concentration, and many illnesses that happen to people as they age.

There are important nutrients that are vital for the brain to work. Try steaming and eating fresh. This aids in better nutrition and can be softer for chewing. Keep in mind that fish and nuts packed with omega-3 fatty acids that can improve focus and help Alzheimer’s disease. Offering antioxidant-rich green tea to seniors rather than coffee enhances memory and mental alertness.

As people age, eating sufficient high-quality protein will maintain physical function and reduce muscle loss. Since some seniors do not move too much, this is essential. This also improves mood and boosts resistance to stress, anxiety, and depression. Seniors should steer clear of low-quality protein like too much red meat and processed meat products, such as hot dogs, bacon, and certain lunchmeats.

Make sure there is plenty of chicken, fish and high fiber in the diet. An easy way to add more fiber to a senior’s diet is a high-fiber, whole grain cereal. Simply switching your breakfast cereal from Corn Flakes to Bran Flakes can add about 6 extra grams of fiber. Be sure to make chewing easier by making smoothies made with fresh fruit and Greek yogurt. Eat lots of steamed veggies and soft food such as rice and yogurt. Baked sweet potatoes are soft and very healthy for the senior.

Finally, make sure the senior gets plenty of water. The best way to senior health care is to be sure the diet is good. Have fun with getting seniors to eat healthy. Start by simply decreasing carbs and sugar and increase veggies,fruits and healthy proteins. These simple choices make seniors feel better and it is easy while adding to their overall health, such as memory and muscle. More seniors should use a farmacy rather than a pharmacy.Eating and aging is vital for people to have a more holistic approach to aging.

Residential Staffing

1How do you get eight adults up in the morning and have them at the table bright and early? You have good staffing. Hi, this is Anthony Diaz from Rosa’s Adult care home. I try to look and see what has made our model of caring for adults so successful and it all comes down to staffing.

In the morning as we are getting up our residents, we have a 1 to 2 ratio. That allows us to get things going and things still get done. As one staff gets a resident up and, washed, dressed and ready, another staff moves in and makes the bed, while there is still another staff that is in the kitchen preparing food.

We work like a well-oiled machine at Rosa’s because our residents depend on it. By 9:00 AM most of our residents are up, cleaned, dressed and eating breakfast, their beds are made, and the house is clean. This is because a good adult care home should never skimp on staffing. In the mornings, it is vital to have extra staff.

We believe that staffing is important in the delivery of high-quality patient care. That is because we recognize that when an older person cannot manage living in their own home, due usually to frailty, disability, dementia or a combination of these, there could be confusion and anxiety. When the atmosphere is relaxed and we have plenty of staff, things run so much smoother and stress and anxiety during hectic times seem to dissipate.

Making sure our staffing is high and at a good ratio takes extra money and training, but we feel the residents deserve an atmosphere that is stress free. We know that many seniors have high anxiety and having more staff lessens that and their needs are met quickly and efficiently.

Another great advantage of having more staff available is it creates a positive relationship between residents and staff. Staff often become our residents best friend and sometimes, the closest thing they have for family. Having enough staff to share and interact with our residents is essential to a good quality of life.

When you go to look at adult care homes for your loved one think about asking what their staff ratio is. Make sure there is plenty of staff for the residents and that it is a comfortable atmosphere for your loved one.

Visitations and Following Through

anthony2I want to talk about something very important this week on our blog and it affects our residents and other deeply. Hi, this is Anthony Diaz here and I want to share about how very important it is to visit seniors that live in care facilities. It does not matter if our seniors live in assisted living, in their own homes, in a nursing home or an adult care home like mine, elderly people need and require visitors.

I have seen it repeatedly when someone says they are going to visit their loved one, and they never show. There are no words that can describe how it makes the person feel when their family and friends say they are going to visit and they don’t.

This can send a senior spiraling down and within minutes, a dark depression can consume them. It may take them a few to feel like eating and sleeping again. The depression they feel is hindered by the rejection that happened.

When someone has been displaced from their home, the need for social interaction with their loved ones becomes a priority for maintaining a sense of well-being. Social isolation from one’s family and established friends can lead to depression, despair, and accelerated cognition decline thus contributing to further decline in health.

If you want to try to imagine the feeling, try to take yourself back to when you were a child and someone, like a grandparent or older sibling that had been away is expected to come and visit. Remember the excitement you felt when waiting; that anticipation of their arrival, well that is like what your senior loved ones feel when a visit form a son or daughter, or a good friend is due to visit. Then what happens when there is a no show. The same disappointment and let down that a child might feel. This let down can also have long-term consequences.

That is why it is so important to follow through with visits with seniors that live in care facilities. They wait and look forward to those visits and sometimes, that is all they have to look forward to. It is important to keep in mind that even if there is severe dementia and memory loss there is some form of recognizing that the person they were waiting for did not show up. Make sure if you plan on a visit, dress up and show up even if it is for ten minutes, it can make a bigger difference than you may think for their happiness and over all well-being.

Social Support in Groups for Elderly

groupsHi this is Anthony at Rosa’s Adult Care Home. One of the reasons our adults do so well here is because we realize how important group activities are and we are very happy to say we have quite a few. This is so important when you are looking for an adult care home because social activities really do prolong life.

Everyone needs to just feel loved and supported- but actually be loved and supported. As we age this becomes even more important. Things like conversation, sharing, being trying to be in touch with others who have active gives living a purpose. However, what do you do when you are in an adult care home? You create social groups within the home.

We realize that lack of social support is related to negative impacts on health and well-being. For older people, it can be much worse. We have found that having a variety of positive social supports can contribute to psychological and physical well being can really help seniors. We have found that it reduces stress, helps physical health and really helps psychological problems such as depression and anxiety.

Social activities really can help seniors with awareness. These social activities can be used to help increase an individual’s self-awareness even more. Activities for elderly individuals such as group exercise, crafts, talking circles, singing groups can make seniors feel more aware.

It is important for seniors to feel that they are involved. Even when they are living in an adult home care environment, there needs to be daily social groups to keep them feeling mentally active. Being social helps older people receive the kind of meaning and purpose in their lives that can help them from physical and cognitive deterioration.