Social Support in Groups for Elderly

groupsHi this is Anthony at Rosa’s Adult Care Home. One of the reasons our adults do so well here is because we realize how important group activities are and we are very happy to say we have quite a few. This is so important when you are looking for an adult care home because social activities really do prolong life.

Everyone needs to just feel loved and supported- but actually be loved and supported. As we age this becomes even more important. Things like conversation, sharing, being trying to be in touch with others who have active gives living a purpose. However, what do you do when you are in an adult care home? You create social groups within the home.

We realize that lack of social support is related to negative impacts on health and well-being. For older people, it can be much worse. We have found that having a variety of positive social supports can contribute to psychological and physical well being can really help seniors. We have found that it reduces stress, helps physical health and really helps psychological problems such as depression and anxiety.

Social activities really can help seniors with awareness. These social activities can be used to help increase an individual’s self-awareness even more. Activities for elderly individuals such as group exercise, crafts, talking circles, singing groups can make seniors feel more aware.

It is important for seniors to feel that they are involved. Even when they are living in an adult home care environment, there needs to be daily social groups to keep them feeling mentally active. Being social helps older people receive the kind of meaning and purpose in their lives that can help them from physical and cognitive deterioration.


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