Residential Staffing

1How do you get eight adults up in the morning and have them at the table bright and early? You have good staffing. Hi, this is Anthony Diaz from Rosa’s Adult care home. I try to look and see what has made our model of caring for adults so successful and it all comes down to staffing.

In the morning as we are getting up our residents, we have a 1 to 2 ratio. That allows us to get things going and things still get done. As one staff gets a resident up and, washed, dressed and ready, another staff moves in and makes the bed, while there is still another staff that is in the kitchen preparing food.

We work like a well-oiled machine at Rosa’s because our residents depend on it. By 9:00 AM most of our residents are up, cleaned, dressed and eating breakfast, their beds are made, and the house is clean. This is because a good adult care home should never skimp on staffing. In the mornings, it is vital to have extra staff.

We believe that staffing is important in the delivery of high-quality patient care. That is because we recognize that when an older person cannot manage living in their own home, due usually to frailty, disability, dementia or a combination of these, there could be confusion and anxiety. When the atmosphere is relaxed and we have plenty of staff, things run so much smoother and stress and anxiety during hectic times seem to dissipate.

Making sure our staffing is high and at a good ratio takes extra money and training, but we feel the residents deserve an atmosphere that is stress free. We know that many seniors have high anxiety and having more staff lessens that and their needs are met quickly and efficiently.

Another great advantage of having more staff available is it creates a positive relationship between residents and staff. Staff often become our residents best friend and sometimes, the closest thing they have for family. Having enough staff to share and interact with our residents is essential to a good quality of life.

When you go to look at adult care homes for your loved one think about asking what their staff ratio is. Make sure there is plenty of staff for the residents and that it is a comfortable atmosphere for your loved one.


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