Eating and Aging

healthy-foodHi, this is Dr. Tyler Woods. I offer holistic mental health at Rosa’s Chante Adult Care. Part of a holistic approach to aging is how we eat. Bottom line is that good nutrition  helps people as they age. Fresh foods that are bright and colorful and healthy meals that aids in the mind, concentration, and many illnesses that happen to people as they age.

There are important nutrients that are vital for the brain to work. Try steaming and eating fresh. This aids in better nutrition and can be softer for chewing. Keep in mind that fish and nuts packed with omega-3 fatty acids that can improve focus and help Alzheimer’s disease. Offering antioxidant-rich green tea to seniors rather than coffee enhances memory and mental alertness.

As people age, eating sufficient high-quality protein will maintain physical function and reduce muscle loss. Since some seniors do not move too much, this is essential. This also improves mood and boosts resistance to stress, anxiety, and depression. Seniors should steer clear of low-quality protein like too much red meat and processed meat products, such as hot dogs, bacon, and certain lunchmeats.

Make sure there is plenty of chicken, fish and high fiber in the diet. An easy way to add more fiber to a senior’s diet is a high-fiber, whole grain cereal. Simply switching your breakfast cereal from Corn Flakes to Bran Flakes can add about 6 extra grams of fiber. Be sure to make chewing easier by making smoothies made with fresh fruit and Greek yogurt. Eat lots of steamed veggies and soft food such as rice and yogurt. Baked sweet potatoes are soft and very healthy for the senior.

Finally, make sure the senior gets plenty of water. The best way to senior health care is to be sure the diet is good. Have fun with getting seniors to eat healthy. Start by simply decreasing carbs and sugar and increase veggies,fruits and healthy proteins. These simple choices make seniors feel better and it is easy while adding to their overall health, such as memory and muscle. More seniors should use a farmacy rather than a pharmacy.Eating and aging is vital for people to have a more holistic approach to aging.


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