Urban Therapy Outing

20141024_112519Hi, this is Anthony Diaz and I am happy to report that our first urban therapy went wonderfully. It started with Dr. Woods contacting someone she knew with the Streetcar. They were kind enough to meet her and some of the residents at the streetcar pick up point. The residents were able to learn about the streetcar project and ride the streetcar.

On their adventures, they were able to meet a few crewmembers that maintain the streetcar and were introduced to security and talk about how they work. The residents that went were given a real treat by meeting so many people and having a streetcar adventure.

The streetcar pulled right in front of a wonderful Mexican diner, La Indita where Dr. Woods stopped in to introduce them to the owners and have them give them the VIP treatment. They were excited to meet and greet the people and have a meal that they will never forget.

Here at Rosa’s, we are proud of our Urban therapy program. We understand that there is no age limit on a good old-fashioned play date. We also understand that the four walls may well be the only environment a senior sees for days on end. We often sit them outdoors for good old-fashioned vitamin D and If physically able, getting out really does help their mental health.

A recent study in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry demonstrated that senior’s need to have a change of scenery and it can affect brain health. Researchers at Chicago’s Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center state that healthy aging includes seniors to participate as fully as possible in community life. There should be daily activities planned which brings a health-promoting mood boost.

Having the Urban therapy program at Rosa’s is working well and residents are now thinking of things they can do as a group large or small. Our goal at Rosa’s is our clients happiness and Urban therapy is giving them something to smile about.


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