Urban Therapy Helps Bonding

1Hi this is Anthony Diaz at Rosa’s Chante. We have been telling you about how Dr. Tyler Woods has been doing Urban therapy with our residents. I must tell you that we are so pleased and have found it to be a great success. We have discovered that Urban therapy helps bonding.

Our residents love loading up in the van, and heading out on a new adventure with the doc. This past week they went to Golden House for healthy Chinese food. They were able to meet the owners, ask questions, order whatever they wanted off the menu and spend time with one another outside of the house. We even had a couple that called it a date with one another.

What I have discovered with Urban therapy is that it gives our residents a chance to get out and about, but there are many more advantages to it. They get to discuss their plans with one another as well as Dr. Woods. They are learning to compromise and work as a team to develop a strategy where they want to go. This not only helps their cognition, but it helps them build better bonds between them as residents.

We are always changing things here at Rosa’s to make sure that our residents get activity, and not just activity, but something new and different. It is important for us as an adult care home to make sure we offer our residents activities that stimulate, and help them with cognition and bonding.

We understand that for many of our residents, the residents also act of their friends and interaction with them is vital. When we create ways for them to interact and decision make with one another, we realize we are helping them formulate strong ties with one another. It is just another way we here at Rosa’s try to make sure our residents are happy and comfortable.


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