Here’s To Good Health And Happiness For Seniors

cheersHi this is Anthony Diaz. One year is ending a new one is coming. As the new year rings out I would like to cheer seniors to good health and happiness. It seems like people often get their priorities wrong in when dealing with seniors. They seem so concerned material objects, and business that often, they do not look closely at health and happiness.

Caring for a senior can be rewarding and enhance your life significantly. However, it can also bring a significant amount of worry and stress. There are many things to consider for the individual that you care for we often take for granted in our own lives. Health is perhaps the most important consideration of all. So watch out for the following.

Diet- It is extremely important that you make sure that elderly relatives are fulfilling all of their nutritional requirements on a daily basis. As they can be extremely vulnerable and prone to illness, a healthy diet is paramount in ensuring that they continue to be as healthy and happy as possible. Firstly, any diet should be low in fat and salt. Both dietary substances can slow down recovery from any illness if consumed in large amounts. Salt and fat are both absorbed into the blood and make circulation sluggish. Too much fat can also block the arteries. Instead, you should focus on making sure that the individual gets plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to provide essential vitamins and minerals for tissue regeneration as well as plenty of fiber to ensure that bowel action is regular.

Mental Health State- You should do all you can to make sure that your elderly relative is happy and comfortable in his or her surroundings. You are in control of his or her everyday life, but establishing a routine can help to make it look like that is not the case. This also alleviates panic and stress.

Physical- You should encourage the senior in your care to get regular health checks to make sure that everything is functioning correctly. Any changes in health should be noted and checked out on at least a six weekly basis. This regularity will soon form part of a routine, which would afford the senior in question a level of comfort, but it would also lead to any illnesses and diseases being diagnosed very quickly. This can significantly improve the long-term health of any individual and alert you to anything that may need to be observed in the future.

Exercise- A senior may not be physically able to exercise on a daily basis, but getting some sort of gentle exercise at least a few times a week will make them feel better than if they were to get no exercise at all. Shopping can be considered exercise if he or she is walking around the supermarket or walking around a yard.

Following these simple steps this simple can help the senior feel healthy and happy. At Rosa’s we have gentle exercises, good food, art therapy, Urban therapy and a host of other things that keep the mind open and the body moving. Happy New Years from Rosa’s Chante, and remember to keep health and happiness a priority when dealing with the senior.

Cook Well Eat Well

anthony2Hi this is Anthony Diaz. When you walk into our adult care home, whether it is lunch or dinner, you can smell the cooking from a block away. Our staff is very versed in their cooking skills and are always cooking up something wonderful from fresh made soup to Mexican food.

That is because here at Rosa’s we get that eating well gives our residents the nutrient they need to keep their muscles, bones, organs, and other parts healthy. We also know that our food choices affect digestion. For instance, not getting enough fiber or fluids may cause constipation. That is why we make sure our residents are always drinking fluids and our cooks are adding fiber rich foods.

Here is another healthy senior tip we try to do at Rosa’s. Eating color. That is right. The more colorful the food is, the better the diet. We try to incorporate as many different colors and types of vegetables and fruits for our seniors. That is why our edible art program is fun because we add color of fruits and veggies.

We try to maintain healthy snacks for our seniors and know that it is important. People who are working with seniors need to understand that a healthy, well-balanced diet support physical strength, mental wellbeing, and increased immunity. It can also play a vital role in cardiovascular health. Good eating plays a large role with those who are susceptible to fatigue and bouts of depression.

So make sure you always have the smell of good food coming from your kitchen. It stimulates the seniors mind and mouth so to speak. For now, this is Anthony Diaz saying eat well.

Mental Stimulation

Anthony1Hi, this is Anthony Diaz. Mental stimulation of the seniors, especially those with mental illness such as bipolar and mania is important. We find it very important to set aside a specific time frames to ensures that they are getting mentally stimulated. It helps keep their minds sharp and active. Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, dementia, and mental health issues must exercise their minds as often as possible and finding the right ways to achieve this could take forever, unless you have a little bit of help and advice. Here at Rosa’s we have a team that helps.

Our residents are enjoying arts and crafts and we make sure it is eatable so they can eat what they make. This helps them with good conversation, and keeps their minds active as they find ways to create. Since we know that bright colors have been found to work best by the various studies that have been carried out, their masterpieces are often quite colorful.

We have chair yoga and exercise as it is a great activity that helps stimulate not just the brain, but the body as well. Often time during the exercises, discussions take place and we find that our residents are engaging with one another and getting their exercises. This really helps them with physical and mental issues.

Outdoor activities that involve animals are also perfect activities for mentally and physically disabled seniors. That is why we have several pet turtles. The residents love them and they get outside. We also have a wonderful patio that they can spend time on and enjoy taking in some great vitamin D. Some of our residents enjoy walking outside in the yard and getting more exercise. Obviously, any such activities must be carried out under close supervision to ensure that the safety of all is maintained.

Urban therapy, where they go out into the community under direct supervision is also very mentally stimulating. Our residents have gone out to a variety of places either to ride the new street car, or to have lunch at a restaurant, our residents enjoy getting out and spending some time outside the home. We have found this to be very stimulating for them.

Of course, it is important to know when stimulation can create problems and making sure they get plenty of rest not just for the body, but for the mind. SO be sure to watch out for behaviors that might suggest seniors need some still time. This quiet time is very important and overstimulation must be watched. It is a fine line we walk here at Rosa’s to ensure our residents get the proper mental stimulation. Make sure your senior is getting the right mental stimulation and you will discover how much happier they are.


anthony2Hi this is Anthony Diaz from Rosa’s Chante. Our residents were buzzing this past week getting ready for Thanksgiving. We think that is good since Thanksgiving is fun and festive and here at Rosa’s we understand that for some it can be emotionally and physically challenging since our seniors are vulnerable to certain holiday related pitfalls. That is why we take pride in making sure our residents have a happy Thanksgiving.

We start off the week before by setting the holiday atmosphere with a variety of holiday décor. When you walk into Rosa’s it certainly says the holidays are here and our residents love it. They love to sit and look at the variety of Christmas trees that are tastefully decorated for their pleasure.

More important, we make sure their activities are holiday orientated so they can get excited. In preparing for Thanksgiving our residents did activities such as making personal homemade pies, making eatable pilgrims and made fun whipped cream delights with pumpkin pies.

The residents talk about some of their favorite memories and favorite foods. It is nice to hear them get excited about their fond memories of Thanksgiving past. Sadly, some residents do not have family to go to or have them visit however, here at Rosa’s we make up a great Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving day the house smells of wonderful turkey and all the trimmings. Our residents enjoy sitting at the table and feasting with one another. It is a difficult time for seniors during the holidays and at Rosa’s, we work hard to make sure our seniors get the best experience.

This is Anthony Diaz saying that we all hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.