anthony2Hi this is Anthony Diaz from Rosa’s Chante. Our residents were buzzing this past week getting ready for Thanksgiving. We think that is good since Thanksgiving is fun and festive and here at Rosa’s we understand that for some it can be emotionally and physically challenging since our seniors are vulnerable to certain holiday related pitfalls. That is why we take pride in making sure our residents have a happy Thanksgiving.

We start off the week before by setting the holiday atmosphere with a variety of holiday décor. When you walk into Rosa’s it certainly says the holidays are here and our residents love it. They love to sit and look at the variety of Christmas trees that are tastefully decorated for their pleasure.

More important, we make sure their activities are holiday orientated so they can get excited. In preparing for Thanksgiving our residents did activities such as making personal homemade pies, making eatable pilgrims and made fun whipped cream delights with pumpkin pies.

The residents talk about some of their favorite memories and favorite foods. It is nice to hear them get excited about their fond memories of Thanksgiving past. Sadly, some residents do not have family to go to or have them visit however, here at Rosa’s we make up a great Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving day the house smells of wonderful turkey and all the trimmings. Our residents enjoy sitting at the table and feasting with one another. It is a difficult time for seniors during the holidays and at Rosa’s, we work hard to make sure our seniors get the best experience.

This is Anthony Diaz saying that we all hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.



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