Cook Well Eat Well

anthony2Hi this is Anthony Diaz. When you walk into our adult care home, whether it is lunch or dinner, you can smell the cooking from a block away. Our staff is very versed in their cooking skills and are always cooking up something wonderful from fresh made soup to Mexican food.

That is because here at Rosa’s we get that eating well gives our residents the nutrient they need to keep their muscles, bones, organs, and other parts healthy. We also know that our food choices affect digestion. For instance, not getting enough fiber or fluids may cause constipation. That is why we make sure our residents are always drinking fluids and our cooks are adding fiber rich foods.

Here is another healthy senior tip we try to do at Rosa’s. Eating color. That is right. The more colorful the food is, the better the diet. We try to incorporate as many different colors and types of vegetables and fruits for our seniors. That is why our edible art program is fun because we add color of fruits and veggies.

We try to maintain healthy snacks for our seniors and know that it is important. People who are working with seniors need to understand that a healthy, well-balanced diet support physical strength, mental wellbeing, and increased immunity. It can also play a vital role in cardiovascular health. Good eating plays a large role with those who are susceptible to fatigue and bouts of depression.

So make sure you always have the smell of good food coming from your kitchen. It stimulates the seniors mind and mouth so to speak. For now, this is Anthony Diaz saying eat well.


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