Urban Therapy Goes 50s

rosas 50sHi, this is Anthony Diaz with Rosa’s Adult Care Home. One thing that we are proud of with our home is our newest therapy we have put together three months ago. It is called Urban Therapy and our clients love it. With the help of Dr. Woods and our arts and activity director, our residents are out and about enjoying the sights, sounds and foods of Tucson.

Their latest adventures took them to the 50s diner Little Anthony’s. They happened to go that day on Elvis’s birthday. Elvis was playing in the background as they sat and looked at the menu. Though no one wanted the grilled peanut butter and banana Elvis sandwich, they all agreed on hamburgers, fries and a good old fashion sundae.

The music got our residents in the mood as they began to take it upon themselves to play trivia. Who was the actor in this old movie and what was the theme song of Gilligan’s Island? They kept coming up with fun trivia questions as they enjoyed their burger and fries.

What I have noticed about Urban therapy and our clients is it makes them happier individuals and get along better as a group. They share with one another, and they often reminisce with each other on these outings. This is important since Rosa’s is a dementia and psychiatric home. It is wonderful to see our residents exercise their memory and reminisce.

The 50’s diner experience was a real hit with our residents and before they could finish eating their burgers they were asking to come back for more. At Rosa’s, we do everything we can to make sure our residents have the opportunity for fun and pleasure.

Urban therapy serves more than one purpose here at Rosa’s. It gets our residents out, it offers them fun, it helps them with memory and it helps them build relationship between each other. Building relationship with each other is important since they need to get along. Seeing them laugh together is always a joy. It is a goal here at Rosa’s.


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