Urban Therapy Fun

urban virosHi this is Anthony Diaz from Rosa’ Adult Care Living. We continue to do fun things in our home with urban therapy. This week clients had the opportunity to go to Viro’s Real Italian Bakery. Our residents had the opportunity to have a variety of pizza’s and were surprised with homemade cannolis. For many of them, it was the first time they had cannolis and they could not say enough about them.

They also had the opportunity to meet the owners and get a chance to say hello. The owners made sure the pizza’s were ready ahead of time so our residents did not have to wait so thank you Viro’s on 22nd and Sarnoff.

What is so important about urban therapy is that our residents get to participate in the decision making process. They sit together and make a choice what they would like to do. No, do not worry, we have said it would be longer than a couple hours to go to Disneyland.

They do enjoy having the opportunity to get out of the house, meet people, try new things and form stronger friendships with one another. Making sure our residents get along is important. It is difficult to move into a home and leave your loved one behind. It is so important that our residents get along with each other and urban therapy provides that opportunity of our residents spending quality time together outside the home and really getting to know each other in a social setting.

Urban therapy is a big hit here at Rosa’s for those who can attend and we are pleased with the results we are getting from the outings our residents get to have. Our job is to help ease boredom, give our clients great activity and have an opportunity to share what is going on with their lives. It is just another reason why Rosa’s stands out.



Seniors Need to Be Heard

1Hi, this is Anthony Diaz. We may look at seniors and think they enjoy being quiet, but in all reality, seniors enjoy sounding off and being heard. Here at Rosa’s, we give our seniors great opportunities to be heard. Just because seniors, or those with impaired memory tend to think and talk slower, it is does not mean they do not want to be heard, it means we need to have the patience to hear them.

I have learned through years of experience that we need to be patient. We are always in a rush or a hurry to get things done. We have places to go and things to do. At the same time, we all have aging parents or relatives that need to be heard. We need to discover the lost art of listening.

Seniors and memory impaired people have a lot to say. They have stories, they have wisdom and for some, they even have complaints. At Rosa’s we do group support where our residents can openly talk about what is happening and what issues and concerns they have. They feel heard, and it gives us the opportunity to problem solve.

Recently, there were no problems to solve so the residents talked about what they would be doing if they were at their own home. One of them stated they would be cooking Hungarian food and educated us on the types of food. Another client talked about German food and his skills in the kitchen, while one client said they would be sewing and making new clothing.

Each resident that participated enjoyed the laughter and fun and the opportunity to share something about themselves that others might not have known. Their faces light up and to see them giggle and laugh, or concentrate on a memory that they recall is simply a joy.

According to a national survey, seniors and their adult children or caregivers hardly ever discuss key issues with one another. Giving seniors and memory impaired people the opportunity to talk and share is vital and should be part of a regiment. Whether they live in an adult care home, or at home with you, make sure they are given the opportunity to not only talk, but to be heard.