Helping Residents Feel Good Aagain

1Hi this is Anthony Diaz. At Rosa’s adult care we really work hard on making a difference in people’s lives. I think what we do is so unique and caring that I wanted to take a few moments out of my day and share with you all a success story that I think you will enjoy.

Recently, a new resident came our way. This resident was basically not communicating, eating, or able to care for themselves. They came to us and my team and I had to decide how we best could handle this situation and get this person functional again. In my heart, I knew this individual could be helped and so I took a day to figure out what they needed.

Once we got them seeing a doctor and their medication taken care of, I went out and got an old printer and told them to fix it. This persons eyes lit up. I was told they loved to take things apart and put it back together so I gave them that opportunity. Suddenly, the resident was asking for more. At Rosa’s we enjoy helping residents feel good again.

This resident seemed nervous and anxious and a bit jittery, so we gave him lots of gum to chew on, and they calmed down. Chewing and putting things together was what they needed. We began to speak Spanish to them as well as English, and suddenly, they were talking and laughing.

They soon started joining on conversations with the residents and staff. They were smiling, laughing, walking around and doing the things that they once used to do. I remember when our holistic health doctor came in she had said “Wow your new resident seems very high functioning.” I had to laugh because Dr. Woods had no clue how this person came to us.

I told her the story and she said that is why she works with us, because we all try new things that are as natural as they can get. Helping this resident by allowing them to experience what they loved doing such as putting things together was a great natural way to get them to recognize their environment and the potential they still had.

I enjoy it when things turn out like this, and in such a short time, we have our residents living, laughing and enjoying their life again. I enjoy it so much that I had to share it with you all.


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