Meditation Garden

ROSAS11Hi this is Anthony Diaz and we are very excited here at Rosa’s that we now have a semi private meditation garden. Here at Rosa’s life become a balancing act and sometimes, we forget to balance. For that reason, we have created a place where residents as well as staff can step inside the meditation garden and just relax.

We know that meditation gardens are calming, and our residents enjoy things that are calming. Feeling calm creates short-term state of relaxation which helps with stress and anxiety that many people with memory issues may feel. That is yet another reason why we love having the meditation garden is it creates a calmness for our residents.

Clients helped pick the design and even the flowers that would go into the meditation garden as well as they help maintain it. Sometimes just holding the rake in your hand, even in a wheelchair, can stimulate memories of younger year and cause a calming effect.

It is also a place for our residents to garden, take responsibility for their plants and take the time to watch the growth. We have worked on all of this to take yet another step to more holistic approaches to aging and healing.

Our meditation garden is a work that is always being changed and created and our residents are always looking for ways to change and improve this wonderful place for peace. They have taken a sense of pride in it and enjoy the calmness this gift of nature brings them.

Music Therapy At Rosa’s

rosa musicHi this is Anthony Diaz and I am really excited about bringing music back to Rosa’s. I want to talk about an article written by Susan King that was published that let people know how the power of music can help with dementia patients. It also talked about how it helps with memory and depression. To go one step further, it talked about how actually playing an instrument of sorts can have “restorative” abilities to the brain. Basically music is helping aging adults manage everything from chronic pain to Alzheimer’s disease.

People with Parkinson’s are able to regain some of their overall functioning in certain cases. In other cases, music sings helps the stroke-stricken to speak sooner. Music acts like good old fashion medicine for the mind the body and the spirit.

At Rosa’s once a week, Leslie comes in with a handful of music, ukuleles and percussion and let the clients sing and play. Music books were created based on what the clients wanted to play and learn. I must say some of them sounded pretty good singing the Rolling Stones You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

Leslie, who helps the clients learn the music and gets them playing and singing says that working with the residents at Rosa’s is not only a delight, but it is good to see them take so much interest in this. She states the residents are talking about calling themselves The Geriatric Musical Band. We are pleased that our residents are happy and finding joy in music, even if they sing a little off pitch.