Update On Rosa’s Garden

mysterytomatoHi this is Anthony Diaz and if you have not seen lately, our garden is doing very well. I wanted to update our readers on our garden. Our residents have been watching the growth of their garden. What we have realized is that just because they are not home, they can still garden.

Most people enjoy gardening and just because they are in an adult care home gardening should not have to end. We realize that gardening helps with mobility and other issues arise in seniors. This wonderful pastime provides exercise, stimulation, accomplishment as well as other benefits that are healthy for the mind and body.

If you did not know, gardening increases sensory stimulation those who have some sort of memory loss or dementia reduce disorientation. Therapeutic gardens in residences for the elderly may reduce pain perception as well.

The most important thing here at Rosa’s the gardening is helping with is the delicious outcome we get and we have gotten our share of bell peppers, chili pepers and tomatoes to name a few. Our residents are often eager to show off their potted garden and we will continue to grow not only fulfilled lives at Rosa’s but wonderful gardens.


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