Activity Helps Memory Disorders

Hiex, Anthony Diaz here talking to you about the challenges that come along with memory disorders, and or stroke victims that affect an elderly person’s ability to function on many levels. At Rosa’s we provide activities geared toward helping our residents maximize both their dexterity and memory challenges.

Part of prompting memory is the consistency. Rosa’s residents have an activity director that offers different activities at least three times a week. One day it is music therapy, the next chair exercises, and a third is fun with food crafts. All of these activities provide different challenges, and they are planned at the same times every week, again to aid in consistent scheduling.

Music therapy at Rosa’s includes ukuleles, percussion instruments and the tools like music books to make it possible for the residents to play songs of their choice. The exercise, aside from simply being fun, offers the opportunity to improve or maintain motor skills as well as accessing memory to be able to learn and remember the words to songs. Visual and audio support is used to help encourage the

The chair exercises are a combination of yoga and other stretching methods that ensure blood flow throughout the body. Again, it is helpful to have a structured reminder to move and stretch the body as the aging process as well as the other challenges can interfere with how one’s body moves. The exercises are a gentle reminder to move. The exercises vary in difficulty to accommodate different

Fun with food crafts is just that, fun. We do anything from watermelon slices shaped by southwestern cookie cutters, to pretzel and cheese log cabins. Then the residents get to eat their creations. What could be more fun? All the while encouraging the use of their imaginations and motor skills.

These are just a few of the different concepts that Rosa’s offers their residents to ensure a comfortable aging process despite some very difficult challenges. We are so proud of these activities and are always looking for more ways to provide enjoyment for our residents.


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