Laughter is The Best Medicine

anthonyHi this is Anthony Diaz here at Rosa’s and I really want to share that laughter is such wonderful medicine. I know I talk about it a lot, and I, like so many others love to laugh. Right now for me, my grandson brings me so much joy and laughter watching him grow. Here at the home, we believe laughter is so vital. That is because we know laughter is important to the mind and soul.

Laughter is a healing tool really and at Rosa’s we are all about healing through laughter. Often you can find our residents or staff joking around. It is fun to watch them laugh and satisfying knowing that there are health benefits from laughing.

First of all a good giggle is a great antidote to stress and pain and quite frankly, nothing works faster and helps bring the mind and body into balance like a good chuckle. Other things laughter can do is boost the immune system, relax the body, help with anxiety and depression, creates energy, and helps build bonds between people.

“The old saying that ‘laughter is the best medicine”, holds true according to a professor of medicine at the University of Maryland who has discovered that through a research discovered those who laughed more had stronger hearts and had less heart attacks and needed fewer bypass surgeries.

One thing we tell our residents is to do fun things and be creative. This all makes them laugh some. We tell them to try to surround themselves with laughter. Finally we all know how important it is to just laugh and not take ourselves too seriously. So tell a joke, smile because at Rosa’s we have found laughter to be the best medicine.


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