Rosa’s Memorial Garden

memorial1Hi this is Anthony Diaz. Death is never something we look forward to however, it is something everyone prepares for in some way shape or form. At Rosa’s, we understand many of our residents will make their transition here. With that in mind, we have created a beautiful memorial garden.

Memorials are very important to those who are alive. They allow people to remember a deceased loved one in a special way and are associated with the death person and the memory can always remain with us in so many ways. At Rosa’s we know dealing with death can be difficult as some of our residents have a difficult time with expressing.

That is why we went out of our way to create a memorial garden that is beautiful. Within the garden are plaques and reminders of those who have come and gone at Rosa’s. There are many plants and decorations that residents even helped pick out and two benches where residents can sit and reflect.11811511_10207309491525565_1170630280495169239_n

This past week, Rosa’s did the dedication of the memorial garden and placed a plaque for her, and a plaque for each person that has transitioned at Rosa’s the past year. Residents each spoke if they wanted to about the people they got to know and love and said final farewells. Even residents who rarely talk spoke up about the residents who have transitioned and we discovered how important this memorial garden is.

I personally cannot say enough about the memorial garden and how it has helped our residents. We even have flags for our vets who have passed. The residents love it and go there often to find peace, quiet and a time of reflection. We are very proud here at Rosa’s to have such a wonderful memorial garden.


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