Edible Art for Ageing

20150810_133831Hi this is Anthony Diaz. You have heard me talk about our edible art program at Rosa’s. I am excited to report there are a series of new reports about the arts and aging people. The studies suggest that it helps aging people in positive ways because it helps both psychological and physiological healing.

According to these new studies out, people with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and other chronic degenerative diseases show that art can reduce the depression and anxiety that are often part of the process of chronic memory disorders. The studies also talk about how the use of imagination and creativity of older adults can help them focus and boost mood.

Rosa’s activity director Leslie Ford says that she can almost see resident’s minds working as they do their edible art projects. She states that watching their concentration and their focus is important to them. She also stated that it is fun to watch them eat the art afterwards so they make sure their palettes are happy as well.

Recently, for birthday month, personal small cakes were made for each resident. They then had to opportunity to decorate their personal cake any way they wanted. I must say our residents have not only some talent, but some of them have a real sense of humor.

Residents are able to use their decision making skills and they help design what project they would like to do. This helps them in many ways. It helps them with their decision making process, their sense of control, it helps them with their cognition skills and helps with their socialization skills. In addition, these art projects helps our residents with anxiety and depression as well as having fun, tackling boredom and building self-esteem.

We at Rosa’s are pleased to offer creativity as one of our holistic strategies to aid in memory loss and just to have tasty fun. Our residents on most days, get very excited when edible art days is upon us so they can have tasty fun.


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