A letter From A Provider

imagesI love it when I get letters from our outside providers. This one from Tyler Woods moved me and I wanted to share it with you.

Dear Anthony, I am sorry I missed the East Side Assisted Living Alliance. I look forwards to going next month. I wanted to tell you what I love about it. I think it was brilliant to create a group who’s basically pay it forward and help one another with small locally-owned assisted living homes here in Tucson. I have watch you literally have an idea and begin communication between neighborhood adult care homes to better serve the residents. I also love how you promote people to express their ideas and concerns.

I have known you for over two years now and I have observed how you offer your experience strength and hope and consulted many people in the business. I always knew that your ability to good communication and desire to reach out would help form something in my wonderful community. I had no idea how it would help others until I was going through an OSHA inspection.

I honor the fact that you took the recommendations and decided to reach out and help other homes. Rather than be in competition with the other homes, you embraced each person and their homes and created a communication that would start an alliance that would be used to help others in the community who owned small locally-owned assisted living homes.

In today’s fast paced world, and small businesses going out of business for large cooperation’s, it is wonderful to see you use your years and years of experience and help others help themselves. You have built a community based on knowledge, know-how and compassion.

I want to personally thank you for being that person that reaches out and pays it forward. It is how we as small business, and as kind people need to live. Helping one another and paying it forward, thank you Anthony.

With much compassion and gratitude, Dr. Tyler Woods


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