Music at Rosa’s Increasing

20151006_100259Hi this is Anthony at Rosa’s. Ever wonder why some of our residents are smiling more and more? That is because of all the activities we offer, they love music the most and ALL of our residents can somehow relate to music no matter how functional they are.

Study after study is showing that music helps happiness and health. Several studies found that music can have a greater effect in reducing stress (decreasing cortisol) than anti-anxiety drugs such as Valium. That is because listening to moving music causes the brain to release dopamine, a feel-good chemical.

Our residents like the ukulele activity so much, we have added more music to our activity list. Music seems to make our residents happy. They smile, clap, play, sing a long and laugh as music activities are being done. We have discovered here at Rosa’s that music can really change the lives of our residents.

I really enjoy that we here at Rosa’s have a strong relationship with music because of the way that music affects our feelings, our thinking, and our emotional state. Music therapy is a branch of psychology practice that uses music’s many facets to achieve therapeutic goals for patients. So why not use that to help our residents heal?

Music therapy is based on the understanding that music, in all forms, whether it is ukulele, humming, singing or listening can have dramatic effects on our physical, emotional, social, and mental health. In our house, music therapy is currently used to combat the negative effects of depression, dementia, and health concerns.

Stop by sometime and listen to our music it now happens three days a week and our residents are singing praises about it.