Adult Coloring

20160523_105657Coloring books used to be reserved for children but how wrong people are to think coloring is child’s play. However, over the past few years, adults are beginning to rediscover the benefits of coloring—primarily its stress-relieving capabilities. Adult Coloring books are designed to help you relieve stress from what may have been a hectic day. It is way of relaxing that keeps you away from technology, away from any screens and lets you shut yourself out from the rest of the world. If you have children, when they are asleep is the perfect time to have some “me” time – this is something a lot of people deprive themselves of.

I think the best part about adult coloring books is the fact that they don’t just need to be used as a de-stressor. Coloring books are a great activity for our residents. Here at Rosa’s it’s almost like a form of meditation. Our residents love this new activity. More important, studies have shown that coloring can provide an array of therapeutic benefits for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. Coloring is a fun and joyful activity. Our residents start looking forward to it.

20160523_105932When talking to Dr. Tyler Woods, a holistic mental health care provider, she says that “Scientists have proved coloring apparently activate our analytical hemisphere of the brain and when using different colors, we become more creative.” She believes that studies have confirmed that by coloring frequently, there are alterations in the cerebral cortex and the frontal lobes of the brain that help coordination and motor functioning skills.

That’s all we need here at Rosa’s to get our activity director to bring in the colored pencils and get some adult coloring books and have them start coloring. Our activity director says the residents start off saying they cannot do it, and are amazed, even the stroke residents say that they can stay in the lines and create beautiful art. We here at Rosa’s are continually looking for creative things to keep our residents minds occupied and healthy.



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